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Useful trees and shrubs for Central West NSW - Glove Box Guide

Useful trees and shrubs for Central West NSW - Glove Box Guide

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In agricultural lands, we should aim for a balance between productivity and conserving native species. We may wish to revegetate selected areas with local flora, or experiment with species from other areas. Species in similar latitudes between east and west, that have been isolated for some considerable time from each other, often have useful but untested properties that can be exploited. In southern Australia, trials in the exchange of species between east and west have shown that non-endemics can flourish, especially some Western Australian ornamentals and salt-tolerant species which have so far been tested in the east. It is important to know their full potential. This Glove Box Guide provides a useful reference to assist people to make better decisions when planning new tree and shrub plantings.




Background to the data presented

Distinguishing eucalypts by bark type

Trees with capacity to sucker

Trees with well developed lignotubers

How to use the Glove Box Guide

Attribute summary of species

Presentation sequence (species listing)

  • Gum-barks
  • Half-barks
  • Rough-barks
  • Acacias
  • Others

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Author: G M Cunningham, W E Mulham, P L Milthorpe and J H Leigh

ISBN:  0734716044 | 98 pages | A5

Catalogue number:  B462

Publisher:  NSW Department of Primary Industries | 2004 reprinted unchanged 2023.