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Tocal College

Tocal College, NSW Department of Primary Industries is Australia’s leading provider of specialised training and resources to rural industries. Tocal’s publications cover all major areas of agriculture and land management, and most are mapped to nationally recognised units of competency and the NSW school syllabus. All of them are practical and easy to read with clear illustrations and photographs.

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Geological Survey of NSW

The Geological Survey of NSW collects, manages, interprets and delivers geoscientific information, and provides expert geoscientific advice to support industry, land use planning, natural resource management and community awareness of geoscience. Established in 1875, the Geological Survey of NSW has a broad range of recent and historical products about the geology of NSW. As well as geological, metallogenic, geophysical and heritage maps,  there are books, brochures, data packages and online data services available.

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Environment, Energy and Science

The Science, Economics and Insight (SEI) Division of Environment, Energy and Science delivers data, research and expertise to enable credible decision making and help ensure a healthy future for NSW and it's environment. The following soil and vegetation science publications are available as hard-copy books or maps, plus accessible in a variety of other digital formats too.

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Forestry Corporation NSW

Forestry Corporation NSW sustainably manages more than 2 million hectares of native and plantation forests for a wide range of economic, environmental and social values to internationally recognised standards.

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Crown Lands

Crown land is land which is managed by the NSW Government in the public interest and plays a central role in a changing and thriving NSW, by helping to create and support prosperous and resilient communities.

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