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Restoring natural areas bookcover

Restoring natural areas in Australia

Tocal College
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A new, practical handbook for managing natural areas. Written by Robin Buchanan, TAFE teacher and author of the classic text 'Bush Regeneration'. A lavishly illustrated 264 page colour publication covering all aspects of managing natural area restoration projects. Includes resilience, mapping, describing and assessing vegetation. Techniques for managing weeds, fire and responding to climate change.


  • Introduction
  • Setting the scence
    • Describing natural areas
    • Damage to natural areas
    • Resilience
    • Buffers and linkages (corridors)
    • Approaches to selecting and restoring natural areas
  • Your site
    • Getting to know your site
    • On-site decisions
  • Organising your project
    • Managing your project
    • Estimating and costing a project
    • Community involvement and funding
    • Contracts
    • Legislation and legal requirements
    • Monitoring and evaluation
    • Report writing
  • Working on your site
    • Preparing to work
    • Soil management
    • Water and aquatic area management
    • Managing weeds
    • Seed collecting
    • Direct seeding
    • Planting
    • Transplanting and translocation
    • Fire management - pile burns
    • Visitors - tracks and signs
  • Appendices
    • Introductory site assessment sheet
    • Detailed site assessment sheet
    • Hazards, risks and safety measures associated with natural area restoration
    • Sample pesticide usage record
    • Sample pesticide storage inventory

Author: Robin A. Buchanan

ISBN:  9780731306213 | 264 pages | A4

Catalogue number:  B722

Publisher:  NSW Department of Primary Industries | 2017