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Pole saw bookcover

Polesaw operation and maintenance

Tocal College
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This booklet describes how to use the various types of pole saws available. How to transport and store, operate and maintain. Emphasis is given to fitting, tensioning and sharpening the chain. The book describes the safe operation of the machine and the recommended PPE.


  • Introduction
  • Safety
  • Types of polesaw
  • Components of the pole saw
  • Transport and storage
  • Start and shut down
  • Operate the saw
  • Kickback, pull-in and pushback
  • Maintenance
  • What is a safe work method statement (SWMS)

Author: Jennifer Laffan

ISBN:  9781742566863 | 70 pages | A4

Catalogue number:  B948

Publisher:  NSW Department of Primary Industries | 2014