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Pig Agskills

Tocal College
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Practical skills on the care of pigs. Covers pig husbandry, health care, breeding programs for sows and raising piglets. Highlights animal welfare standards for pigs.


  • Introduction
  • General safety precautions
  • Animal welfare
  • Quality assurance
  • Making sense of the skills
  • Move pigs
  • Load pigs
  • Nose snare to restrain
  • Making a metal nose snare
  • Clip milk teeth of piglets
  • Clip tails of piglets
  • Trim boar tusks
  • Castrate pigs
  • Nose ring pigs
  • Stomach tubing piglets
  • Identify indiviual pigs
  • Condition score pigs
  • Recognise compromised pigs
  • Intervention and caring for compromised pigs
  • Techniques for injecting pigs
  • Captive bolt gun euthanasia of pigs
  • Prepare for the vet: a checklist
  • Herd health program checklist
  • Recognise oestrus in sows
  • Artificially inseminate sows
  • Pregnancy diagnosis in sows
  • Risk management of equipment: a checklist
  • Legal considerations for a pig farm
  • Glossary
  • What is a safe work method statements?
  • Check your skill

Author: Jayce Morgan

ISBN:  9780731306312 | 116 pages | A4

Catalogue number:  B737

Publisher:  NSW Department of Primary Industries | 2010