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Hort ID Greenhouse Veg bookcover

Pests, diseases, disorders and beneficials in greenhouse vegetables

Tocal College
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This field guide is designed to assist producers, workers, students and consultants in correctly identifying pests, diseases, disorders and beneficials of greenhouse vegetable crops in Australia. It is intended to be used as a tool in integrated pest management, and draws on the experience of a range of scientists and industry experts. The guide presents over 220 colour photographs in 135 pages of illustrations and text.


This field identification guide is a companion to Integrated pest management in greenhouse vegetables: information guide, and the page references in the field guide refer to further reading in the more comprehensive information guide.

Author: Stephen Goodwin, Marilyn Steiner, Len Tesoriero, Geoff Cresswell, Briony Cowper, Alison Medhurst and Claudina Rodriguez

ISBN:  0734712669 | 140 pages | A4

Catalogue number:  B280

Publisher:  NSW Department of Primary Industries | 2002