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convict tools bookcover

Convict tools - Working at Camden Park and Tocal

Tocal College
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Convicts are a fascinating part of Australia's history, but has their role been over-dramatised and distorted? This book brings to life the day to day working lives of convicts in private assignment. In particular, life and work on Belgenny Farm at Camden Park near Sydney, and the Tocal estate in the lower Hunter Valley where large numbers of convicts were assigned.


Chapter 1

  • Convict assignment and convict tools
Chapter 2
  • Working with timber
  • Clearing and stumping
  • Building huts, sheds and other structures
  • Fencing
Chapter 3
  • Working with stone and brick
  • Stonemasons' tools
  • Working with bricks 
Chapter 4
  • Working with iron
Chapter 5
  • Working the soil
  • Ploughing and weeding
  • Trenching, draining, road building
Chapter 6
  • Harvesting the crops
Chapter 7
  • Working with animals
  • Sheep and convict shepherds
  • Cattle, pigs, milk, butter and cheese
  • Meat for the table
  • Leather for harness, boots and shoes
Chapter 8
  • Hauling, carting and moving things
  • Wheels for wagons, drays and other vehicles
  • Barrels, casks and buckets
Chapter 9
  • Living

Author: Brian Walsh and Ralp Hawkins

ISBN:  9780987418425 | 92 pages | 250mm x 185mm

Catalogue number:  B748

Publisher:  NSW Department of Primary Industries | 2013