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Charlotte is just like all the other chickens at Numeralla egg farm. Except for one thing. Charlotte doesn’t really like crowds. So how does one chicken find peace on a busy free range egg farm? With a little understanding from her friends!

About this book

This book is one of a series of stories aimed at developing agricultural understanding in young students, as well as an appreciation of the work involved in producing food and fibre on Australian farms. The other titles in this growing series are Freda and Bosley and Bruce.

Author: Jo Hathway | Illustrated: Jessica Green

ISBN:  9781760583149 | 20 pages | A5

Catalogue number:  B356

Publisher:  NSW Department of Primary Industries | 2019

Other formats

The ebook (available from the Apple Books store) has audio included so that children can listen to the story and read along. There is also an Auslan version on YouTube.