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Wonnarua bookcover

Aboriginal Landuse at Tocal - The Wonnarua Story

Tocal College
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This full-colour book shows how indigenous people used the Tocal land before European settlement.  It indicates Tocal's plant species and animals at the time, and how the Wonnarua people used them for food, medicine and materials.  A unique resource for environmental and indigenous studies.


  • The Tocal environment
  • Aboriginal lifestyle
  • Wonnarua life at Tocal
  • Foods on Tocal
  • Medicinal plants


  • Plants of Cedar brush, closed forests
  • Plants of the wetlands
  • Plants of the open forests, woodlands and grasslands
  • Plants of the rivers and creeks

Author: Jennifer Laffan

ISBN:  9780731305773 | 88 pages | 250mm by 185mm

Catalogue number:  B448

Publisher:  NSW Department of Primary Industries | 2004