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Permian Foraminifera of the Sydney Basin

Geological Survey of New South Wales
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Most of the Permian sequence of the Sydney Basin is of marine origin, and Foraminifera occur throughout the Permian section, including marine intercalations in the uppermost part of the section known for economically important coal deposits. Permian foraminiferal faunas of the Sydney Basin (and of Australia) are characterised by the following features; (a) absence of fusulinid foraminifera and conodonts; (b) abundance of agglutinated forms; (c) intermittent occurrence of calcareous Nodosariidae and Miliolacea; (d) south-north differentiation of foraminiferal faunas; and (e) some east-west differentiation, since some genera known to occur in Western Australia have not been found in the Sydney Basin. It is quite clear from the palaeogeography of the Permian that the northern lithostratigraphic units were further away from the Permian shoreline than their southern equivalents and so a less turbulent environment can be expected for them.


Scheibnerova V. 1982. Permian Foraminifera of the Sydney Basin. Geological Survey of New South Wales, Memoir Palaeontology 19, 136 pp.