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Image of Western Coalfield Geological Explanatory Notes 2001 book cover

Western Coalfield Geological Explanatory Notes (2001)

Geological Survey of New South Wales
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These Notes have been prepared to accompany the geological maps of the southern and northern parts of the Western Coalfield of New South Wales. The Notes are the result of the compilation and reinterpretation of available geological data and provide an up-to-date summary of the geology and coal resources of the Western Coalfield. The 1:100000 scale geological map of the southern part of the Western Coalfield was published in 1992 (Yoo 1992) and that of the northern part in 1998 (Yoo 1998). The Western Coalfield covers an area of approx 17,000 square km in the central western region of the Sydney-Gunnedah Basin. The then Standing Committee on Coalfield Geology of New South Wales (1986) (now Coalfield Geology Council of New South Wales) defined the Western Coalfield as being delineated along its eastern edge by a straight line which runs from Mount Lorimar in the western part of the Liverpool Range through Merriwa to Wisemans Ferry. The western boundary extends north to the Coolaburragundy River and then south to Warragamba Dam, where it has a common boundary with the Southern Coalfield. The westernmost outcrops of the main coal-bearing sequence, in the Illawarra Coal Measures, mark the western boundary of the Western Coalfield.


Yoo E.K., Tadros N.Z. & Bayly K.W. 2001. A compilation of the geology of the Western Coalfield. Geological Survey of New South Wales, Report GS2001/204 (unpublished)