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Image of NSW Petroleum Potential. Petroleum Bulletin Number 1 book cover

NSW Petroleum Potential. Petroleum Bulletin No. 1

Geological Survey of New South Wales
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This publication was prepared by the Government and the Department of Mineral Resources to highlight the petroleum potential of NSW to explorationists. This book gives an overview of the hydrocarbon prospectivity of the seven main sedimentary basins in NSW i.e. Clarence-Moreton, Darling, Eromanga, Gunnedah, Murray, Surat and Sydney Basins. The overview provides information regarding location, geological setting, structural setting, exploration history, stratigraphy and depositional setting. Occurrence of hydrocarbon, structure, reservoir potential, source rocks, exploration potential, play fairways, Oil shales and coal seam methane potential are also discussed for these basins.


Stewart J.R. & Alder J.D. eds 1995. New South Wales Petroleum Potential, New South Wales Department of Mineral Resources, Sydney, 188 pp.


Petroleum Bulletin number 1