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Image of Taralga Explanatory Notes 1970 book cover

Taralga Explanatory Notes (1970)

Geological Survey of New South Wales
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The Taralga 1:100000 sheet covers some 2,650 square km of the Central Highlands of New South Wales between Oberon and Goulburn, and is occupied by rocks ranging in age from Ordovician to recent. The geological map was compiled on the basis of about 25 weeks of field mapping on aerial photographs, and weeks of photo interpretation, taking into account and using all available data resulting from previous studies, either published or unpublished. The petrographic descriptions were done by J.Watts and L.Stevenson, and the paleontological determination by J.Pickett and L.Sherwin. In presenting the Taralga geological sheet and explanatory notes, it is apparent that many problems are still unresolved and unexplained. However, a certain stage of knowledge has been reached and the main problems delineated. It is considered that further detailed mapping and special investigations are necessary in some areas.


Scheibner E., 1970. Geology of the Taralga 1:100000 Sheet 8829. Geological Survey ogf New South Wales, Sydney.