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Image of Kilparney Explanatory Notes 1987 book cover

Kilparney Explanatory Notes (1987)

Geological Survey of New South Wales
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The Kilparney 1:100, 000 sheet covers an area of approximately 2600 km 2 in central New South Wales, approximately 480 km west-northwest of Sydney, within the County of Blaxland (Shire of Cobar). The Cobar region, which includes the Kilparney sheet area, lies in the western part of the Lachlan Fold Belt. Palaeozoic rocks in the region range in age from Cambrian to Carboniferous, and comprise a basement complex containing rocks of Cambrian to Silurian age overlain by Devonian to Carboniferous cover sequences.


Trigg, S., 1987. Geology of the Kilparney 1:100,00 Sheet 8132. New South Wales Geological Survey, Sydney.