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Image of Cootamundra Explanatory Notes 1995 book cover

Cootamundra Explanatory Notes (1995)

Geological Survey of New South Wales
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These notes and the accompanying map contain descriptions of the geological units that occur on the Cootamundra 1:250 000 map sheet area, as well as information on the geological history, structural geology, mineral deposits and regional geophysics of the area. Descriptions in the Mineral Deposit section only provide information on selected occurrences, particularly the gold deposits of West Wyalong-Temora-Adelong belt. Only minor changes have been made to earlier geological mapping on the eastern part of the map sheet area. Work has concentrated on the central and western parts and has indicated that late Ordovician to early Silurian intermediate to basic volcanic rocks and their intrusive equivalents are widespread. A four-fold subdivision has been based on major fault structures. These four zones are: the Western or Wagga Zone; the Western Central Zone; the Eastern Central Zone; and the Young Zone. Deformation in the late Silurian led to closure of the Tumut Trough with possible obduction of the Coolac Serpentinite and the North Mooney Complex to their present positions. Age determinations, palaeontological data, selected geochemical data and list of mineral deposits are included.


Warren A.Y.E., Gilligan L.B. and Raphael N.M. 1995. Geology of the Cootamundra 1:250 000 map Sheet. viii + 160 pp. Geological Survey of New South Wales, Sydney.