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Image of Bourke Geoscience Database Revised version digital data package

Bourke Geoscience Database (Revised version)

Geological Survey of New South Wales
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GIS formatted datasets include comprehensive geological and exploration data; geographical information; geochemistry data; geophysical data (TMI, DTM, Ternary Radiometric and Landsat). Apart from the geophysical images, these datasets have not been updated during the 2012 upgrade of this Data Package. All other datasets remain current to the original date of publication (May 1996). Contact Geospatial for more information. Full coverage across two 1:250 000 sheets (Bourke SH/55-10, Cobar SH/55-14) and coverage across twenty 1:100 000 sheets (Fords Bridge - 7938, Lower Lila -8038, Warraweena - 8138, Brewarrina - 8238, Toorale - 7937, Bourke - 8037, Mount Oxley - 8137, Gongolgon - 8237, Geera - 8337, Louth - 7936, Gunderbooka - 8036, Byrock - 8136, Glenariff - 8236, Hermidon - 8336, Cobar - 8035, Sussex - 8135, Coolabah - 8235, Wrightville - 8034, Canbelego - 8134, Hermidale - 8234).


The GIS data contained in this Data Package was originally compiled for earlier (now unsupported) versions of ESRI & MapInfo GIS software. As a result, some of the customisation originally incorporated into these packages may not completely function in more recent ESRI & MapInfo GIS software. Also note that the GIS data in this package was compiled in 1996 using the now-superseded AGD66 datum but has been reprojected to the current (GDA94) datum as part of the October 2012 upgrade. This update includes: Reprojected GIS data (Transformed from AGD66 datum) to GDA_1994_MGA_Zone_55. Creation of MXD and PMF files for improved ESRI functionality. Updated workspaces for enhanced performance in more recent versions of Mapinfo. Creation of KMZ files for operability within Google Earth. Updated geophysical images Total Magnetic Intensity (TMI, 50m, 1VD RTP), Digital Elevation Model, Composite KUTh Radiometric, Landsat Image. Data Formats: ESRI/Arc Shapefiles, MXD and PMF - MapInfo Tables,