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Image of Bancannia Trough Data Package digital data package

Bancannia Trough Data Package

Geological Survey of New South Wales
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A comprehensive Data Package of the most recent Petroleum Prospectivity Data for the Bancannia Trough. The content includes a report providing a review of the structure, geology, basin evolution, history of exploration, and analysis of the hydrocarbon indicators including: source rocks, reservoirs, seals and trap type analysis. Tabulated datasets for all relevant petroleum and geological information are provided outlining geochemical, reservoir, geothermal and palaeontological data. 2D seismic interpretations are complimented with all seismic lines and surveys, including SEG-Y data files. All well logs have been converted to LAS files. ArcGIS, Kingdom and SKUA-GOCAD projects allow for the quick viewing of data and relevant reference reports are also included.


ESRI shapefiles, MS Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents, JPG images, SEG-Y files, LAS files, zip files, IHS Kingdom project files, SKUA-GOCAD project files.