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Image of Industrial Minerals New South Wales 1:1500000  map

Industrial Minerals New South Wales 1:1 500 000

Geological Survey of New South Wales
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This map includes the following key components - operating industrial minerals mines, significant projects and areas of opportunity for new industrial mineral development - location of major operating construction materials sites - heavy mineral sand deposits and strandlines of the Murray Basin - the Lightning Ridge resource area outlining the extent of opal titles - significant infrastructure in roads, railways, gas pipe-lines and ports - major processing plants.


Perks C.R., Forster D.B., Drummond M., Lane H., Burton G.R., Downes P.M., Ricketts C.B. & Blevin P.L. 2016. Industrial Minerals of New South Wales. 1:1 500 000 map. Geological Survey of New South Wales, Maitland, Australia.


The operating status of industrial minerals sites is assigned where production was recorded between 2009-20010 and 2013-2014 financial years. Major construction material sites are defined as those with recorded production in the 2012-2013 financial year. This map uses the major geological provinces of New South Wales as a base.