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Image of New South Wales Coastal Quaternary Geology Data Package digital data package

New South Wales Coastal Quaternary Geology Data Package

Geological Survey of New South Wales
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This Data Package presents a new Quaternary geology data set covering all coastal regions of New South Wales along with supporting data, GIS projects and documentation. The new geology data comprises the results of two mapping projects undertaken by the Geological Survey of New South Wales focused on coastal Quaternary geology.The Coastal Quaternary Mapping Project, undertaken from 2002-2004, encompassed all coastal regions of the state north from Port Stephens and south from Shellharbour. A subsequent project (2013-2014) termed the Newcastle to Wollongong Gap (NTWG) Mapping Project targeted the Newcastle to Wollongong area omitted from the previous project. Included in this Data Package are - GIS projects for ESRI ArcGIS, MapInfo and QGIS with detailed, seamless digital Quaternary geology data for NSW, Seamless, regional-scale digital bedrock geology data, Field data for the Quaternary geology, Sediment analysis data for the northern CCA area, Detailed metadata statements for all digital datasets, PDF files of the Coastal Quaternary Geology LGA Map Series (1:100 000 or 1:50 000 & 1:25 000), Supporting documents (reports, papers and presentations.


Troedson A.L., Hashimoto T.R., Colquhoun G.P. & Ballard J.C. 2016. Coastal Quaternary Geology Data Package for NSW [Digital Dataset]. Geological Survey of New South Wales, Maitland.


Available as USB stick. Minimum Requirements - ESRI ArcGIS (version 10 or later), MapInfo (version 11.5 or later), QGIS (2.16.3 or later), PDF reader and an html 5 compliant web browser