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Image of Dorrigo Coffs Harbour Metallogenic Map Explanatory Notes 1992 book cover

Dorrigo-Coffs Harbour Metallogenic Map Explanatory Notes (1992)

Geological Survey of New South Wales
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This publication provides a comprehensive mineral deposit data base for the region, a modern recompilation of the geological data, and a regional metallogenic framework for use in mineral exploration, land - use planning and the mineral resource management. The information are presented in three part: 1. Metallogenic Map; 2. Metallogenic Study; and 3. Mineral Deposit Data Sheets. The metallogenic map displays all recorded mineral occurrences in the region, the metallogenic study includes a summary of the regional geological setting and a description of the deposit types. The data sheets includes explanatory notes, a comprehensive deposit index and a bibliography of the authors in compiling the data sheets. Dorrigo-Coffs Harbour, Dorrigo-Coffs Harbour, Dorrigo metallogenic, Coffs Harbour Metallogenic


Gilligan. L.B., Brownlow.l.W., Cameron. R.G. and Henley. H. F. 1992. Dorrigo -Coffs Harbour 1:250000 Metallogenic Map SH/56-lO. SH/56-11: Metallogenic Study and Mineral Deposit Data Sheets. 509 pp. Geological Survey of New South Wales. Sydney.