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Plan for Trees bookcover

Plan for Trees - A Guide to Farm Revegetation

Tocal College
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Shows in detail how to re-establish trees and shrubs on your farm. Includes how to plan a revegetation program and assess existing remnant vegetation. Covers natural regeneration, collecting native seed, weed control and protecting revegetation areas from livestock, insects and other threats.


  • The value of trees and shrubs
  • Farm planning
  • Designing windbreaks and shade areas
  • Assessing existing remants
  • Natural regeneration
  • Collecting and growing native seeds
  • Direct seeding
  • Planting
  • Revegetating streams and waterways
  • Weed control
  • Protecting revegetated areas
  • Appendix: Botanical names of species
  • References and further reading.

Author: David Brouwer

ISBN:  9780731306015 | 67 pages | A4

Catalogue number:  B168

Publisher:  NSW Department of Primary Industries | 1998