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soils of Tocal bookcover

The Soils of Tocal

Tocal College
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This publication provides detailed information on the soils of the Tocal property.   A most useful education resource for curricula in agriculture and soil sciences.


  • Introduction
  • Location and area
  • Part One: Soil Forming Factors
    • Climate
    • Parent material
    • Topography
    • Plants and animals
    • Human activitiy
    • Time
  • Part Two: Soil Landscapes at Tocal
    • Erosional soil landscapes
    • Alluvial soil landscapes
    • Colluvial soil landscapes
    • Vestigial soil landscapes
  • Part Three: Soil Types on Tocal
    • Chromosols, Kurosols and Sodosols (Podsols)
    • Rudosols and Tenosols (Lithosols)
    • Hydrosols
    • Black Vertosols (black clays/brown earths)
    • Black Dermosols
    • Red Ferrosols
  • Part Four: Soils Degradation at Tocal
  • Part Five: Other Soil Stories (Intensive land use on Tocal dairy - comparison of the podsolic hill soils (Kurosol) vs river flat soils (Rudosol)).
  • Appendix One: Glossary of botanical and zoological names.
  • Appendix Two: Tocal soil profiles and the sites from which they were taken.
  • Appendix Three: Glossary of geological and soil science terms.
  • References and further reading.

Author: Jennifer Laffan

ISBN:  0731305698 | 84 pages | A4

Catalogue number:  B564

Publisher:  NSW Department of Primary Industries | 2003