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Mount Oxley Explanatory Notes

Geological Survey of New South Wales
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The Mount Oxley 1:100 000 map sheet area straddles the interpreted boundary of the central Lachlan Orogen and the southern Thomson Orogen in northwestern New South Wales. These explanatory notes accompany the first edition Mount Oxley 1:100 000 geological map sheet (Gilmore et al. 2018), and provide detailed descriptions of all lithostratigraphic and plutonic units, palaeontological sample descriptions, a discussion of mineral systems and a synthesis of the geological history of the region. Mapping of the Coolabah 1:100 000 geological map sheet was undertaken simultaneously, with both sheets following on from recent mapping of the Sussex and Byrock 1:100 000 map sheets to the south. It should be noted that mapping of both sheets was focused on basement geology, with minimal mapping of the extensive Quaternary geology. The major aims of the mapping project were to examine the geology of the northern Lachlan and southern Thomson orogens, and to understand the nature and timing of mineralisation.


Gilmore P.J., Trigg S.J. & Campbell L.M. 2018. Mount Oxley 1:100 000 Geological Sheet 8137, 1st edition, Explanatory notes. Geological Survey of New South Wales, Maitland.