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Soil and Land Resources of the Liverpool Plains Catchment

Soil and Land Resources of the Liverpool Plains Catchment

SEI Division - Environment, Energy and Science
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This product is a useful resource for anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of the natural environment. It is an inventory of the soil and landscape features covered by the Liverpool Plains catchment and identifies major soil and landscape limitations to development.

It uses soil landscapes – areas of land with unique landform features containing a characteristic set of soils – to identify, map and describe soils, land capabilities, constraints and hazards, and provides recommendations for land and soil management.

Available formats:

  • Access online using eSPADE.
  • Download the report or GIS shapefiles from SEED

Note: Digital disc format - now discontinued.

Visit our website for further information about soils and land degradation in NSW, soil and landscape mapping and systems.

Author: Natural Resource Information Unit

Product ISBN:  9781742935270 | Version 1 (2012)

Publisher:  NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH)

This mapping product belongs to the Soil and Land Resources Series. Other related products are also available through this site.