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Fertiliser essentials AgGuide

Fertiliser essentials AgGuide

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The aims of this books are:

  • to give land managers a basic knowledge of the principles of fertiliser use
  • to show how these principles can be used in growing crops and pastures. The book covers some horticultural and viticultural topics, but these are not dealt with in detail
  • to examine the environmental effects of fertilisers
  • to briefly introduce alternatives to traditional fertiliser strategies.

When you have read this book you should be able to:

  • identify the nutrients needed for plant growth and those needed in your district
  • identify fertilisers for particular crop and pasture species on your farm
  • select from the range of fertilisers available - the type and form that is most cost effective
  • use fertilisers so that they provide benefits to productivity without causing pollution.


    • Introduction
    • Safety
    • Understanding fertiliser terms
    • Soil testing
    • Healthy soils and nutrient management
    • Acid soils and the pH connection
    • Plant nutrition
    • Possible crop nutrition problems
    • The major element Nitrogen
    • Nitrogen in pastures
    • Nitrogen for crops
    • The major element Phosphorus
    • Phosphorus for pastures
    • Phosphorus for crops
    • The major element Potassium
    • Micronutrients
    • The micronutrient Molybdenum
    • The micronutrient Boron
    • The micronutrient Zinc
    • The micronutrient Selenium
    • The micronutrient Cobalt
    • the micronutrient Copper
    • the micronutrient Manganese
    • The micronutrient Chlorine
    • The micronutrient Iron
    • Naturally-derived fertilisers
    • Application equipment
    • Precision agriculture
    • Calculating fertiliser costs and rates
    • Scenarios
    • Nutrient program checklist
    • Glossary

Authors: Justine Baird and Matthew Notley

ISBN:  9781742567839 | 215 pages | A4

Catalogue number:  B494

Publisher:  NSW Department of Primary Industries | 2021