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Agricultural crops and pastures of NSW classroom posters

Agricultural crops and pastures of NSW classroom posters

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Classroom poster and student workbook Industry Insights series developed by the NSW DPI Schools Program as teaching resources for Agriculture, Technology Mandatory and Science. Students refer to the classroom posters to complete the free workbook content covering:

· Crops including cereals, fibre crops, oilseeds, pulses, fodder shrubs, forage grasses, summer forage legumes and forage brassicas.

· Pastures including legumes and grasses.

Poster size: A1 (594mm X 841mm)

Series includes: Agricultural crops, Agricultural pastures, Dairy production, Plant structure and function, Pork Production, Poultry Production and Weeds in NSW. Student workbooks can be found here.

Cost includes postage & handling in Australia.

Set of 7 posters: $200.00. Regional NSW · Products · Agricultural classroom poster set · Shopify

Multiple posters: $30 each if more than one is purchased. Please contact 1800 025 520 to purchase other combinations.