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NSW geophysics data package

NSW geophysics data package

Geological Survey of New South Wales
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All NSW government geophysical data is available on a single portable hard drive costing $110. The data has been acquired by the NSW Government and Geoscience Australia under various funding initiatives. Included is data from: Airborne magnetic, radioelement and elevation surveys Ground gravity surveys Airborne gravity surveys Airborne electromagnetic surveys Airborne hyperspectral surveys, and State-wide geophysical merges.


Located data for each project area is provided in five different formats (ascii text, BIL files, ASEG GDF and ASEG GDF2). Grids of each project area and the state-wide merges are provided as ER Mapper grids (ERDAS®), and images are provided in ECW, TIFF, or JPEG formats. Where available, supporting documents like acquisition reports, metadata and ESRI® shapefiles are included. Older surveys are less likely to have supporting documentation.  For more information please contact Geoscience Product Officer geoscience.products@geoscience.nsw.gov.au


Geological Survey of New South Wales (compilers) 2017. NSW government geophysics data package (Version 2) (hard drive). NSW Department of Planning and Environment, Maitland, NSW