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Image of Goulburn Metallogenic Map Explanatory Notes 1975 1977 Part 1 book cover

Goulburn Metallogenic Map Explanatory Notes (1975-1977) Part 1

Geological Survey of New South Wales
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Part I The aims of the work undertaken on the Goulburn sheet have been metallogenic provinces or districts and assist in the establishment of potential ore bearing districts, and to provide an analysis of available information so that work may proceed towards interpretation of ore genesis. The map is presented with minimum interpretation, although the information shown necessarily reflects the interpretations in the available literature. Compilation has been from published and unpublished reports held by, or available to, the Geological Survey of New South Wales. About half the localities plotted were visited in the field. The literature search, while extensive, is not considered to be complete. Part II This publication provides a classification of ore deposit types occurring within the Goulburn 1:250000 sheet area and a discussion of the genesis of these deposits with reference to their geological setting.


Felton, E.A. 1975. Goulburn 1:250000 Metallogenic Map. Part 1 Mine Data Sheets to accompany Metallogenic Map. Geological Survey of New South Wales. 303 pp.


Part I and Part II have been combined into a single document